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Converge ICT launches cost-efficient Time of Day products

Converge ICT introduced its Time of Day internet plans that are customizable. These are designed for both businesses and residential customers.
Converge ICT launches cost-efficient Time of Day products
Converge Time of Day Internet plans

Converge ICT's Time of Day Internet plans

As the pandemic continues, businesses and residences keep looking for a way to adapt to the challenges it brings.  As more work and businesses shift to a more digital way of working and more people stay at home and consume more bandwidth for entertainment, Converge came up with a cost-efficient solution.

Enter Converge's Time of Day plans. The Time of Day line of products is a set of customizable, cost-efficient internet plans that fit the consumers' internet requirements. Customers will be ab;e to experience twice the speed of their subscribed bandwidth during a preset period without doubling their monthly subscription fee.

For the Enterprise business segment, Converge Enterprise Dedicated Internet Access Time of Day provides resources that will help the business run more efficiently during its preferred work schedule. Created for SMEs, Converge FlexiBIZ has flexible plans for companies that have peak working hours during the day, doubling the subscribed internet speed from 7:00 AM to 6:59 PM.

For homeowners and residential customers, Converge FiberX Time of Day will also be able to experience this speed boost. They will be able to choose between a Day Plan or Night Plan so that they maximize their budget and productivity.

New and existing customers may easily avail of this plan through the website, hotline, and sales representatives. For enterprises, on the other hand, there are designated account managers to assist in the customization of their plans according to their specific needs.

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