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Valve announces DOTA 2 TI10 schedule and a prize pool of around PHP 1.9 billion!

Valve announced the return of the most prestigious eSports event which will happen on August 5 in Stockholm, Sweden. 
TI10 prize pool and schedule

Who will bag the Aegis and ludicrous prize pool?

The best teams across the globe will once again compete in the most iconic Esports MOBA "DOTA 2 The Internationals" to get the bragging rights, Aegis of Champions, and a record-breaking prize pool of USD 40 million or around PHP 1.9 billion, which will start up right where the 2021 DPC season ends.

As of the moment, Valve has announced that the group stage will take place from August 5 to 8, followed by the main event which will happen from August 10 to 15.

The gaming publisher said, "As we continue to plan the event around the shifting landscape presented by the ongoing global pandemic, our focus remains on finding ways to hold a high-quality tournament in the safest way possible". Valve has also stated "This means we’re waiting to release additional details on attendance options as we gather more information on developments heading into summer"

The company also introduced a new way for fans to support their favorite teams through "Supporters Clubs", where the fans can buy either Bronze, Silver and, Gold badges.
Supporters Clubs

The Bronze gives a badge of your selected team, the Silver will give custom sprays and emoticons, while Gold includes a special in-game HP bar badge, loading screens, and voice lines.

A total of 17 teams are included for Supporters Clubs as of the moment. In the coming days, more teams are expected to provide content.

Who's excited about the upcoming competition?


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