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Execration eliminates Bren Esports M2 World Champs in the lower bracket of MPL Season 7 Playoffs

Execration has eliminated Bren Esports in the lower bracket of MPL Season 7 playoffs.
Match result

The champions are eliminated from the playoffs!

The two teams had shared a long history of battling out in the MPL where it is always Bren Esports get to win the series. 

This time it is the other way around as Execration has finally become triumphant in their tough rival series. 

The defending champs started the battle where they had taken a strong 2-0 lead against their rivals. 

But on game 3, one of the toughest and longest battles in MPL history happened where the game has reached a 50-minute mark. 

Team Execration rallied and made some adjustments followed by superb defensive stands which then has lead to a "sensational play" made by Joshua Mangilog aka "Chaknu" where his Khufra has done the "Tyrants Rage+Flicker" combo followed by a "Feathered Airstrike" from E2MAX's Pharsa instantly deleting three members of the Bren Esports and securing the game 2-1.

Through this miracle performance made by "Chaknu", certainly has boosted his teammate's morale and gave them sudden momentum. 

With ignited spirits, the whole team steps up their play in games 4 and 5 where Execration has shown outstanding plays and right engagement during clashes which have led to upsetting the season 6 champions and M2 world champions eliminating them from the playoffs.

Meanwhile, the team will have to face another juggernaut team in the lower bracket finals which is the Aura PH. Where most of its members are 2x MPL champions.

The winner of the lower bracket finals will have to face Blacklist International in the grand finals. A team that created a "new meta" and has the best record in regular season 7.

Source: MPL PH, Via: GMA News
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