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Globe Telecom seeks satellite services to reach rural areas!

Globe Telecom is considering tapping satellite services to reach far-flung areas, an official said.
Globe Telecom may pursue satellite services to reach rural areas
Satellite internet for remote areas soon?

Globe exploring satellite services

This plan floated anew earlier this week after Globe vice president and head of broadband business Darius Delgado noted the "promising" approach of satellite services to boost its coverage.

We see the satellite service as a promising deployment model that can reach the rural areas where there’s not much household density and will be challenging to roll out wired services, Delgado said.

However, the Ayala-led telco noted it needs to see cheaper prices yet for it to be financially viable and reach the masses—those who are unreachable by wired services in particular.

In March, Globe said it is working with US-based Curvalux for the latter's CurvaNet satellite constellation project.

CurvNet will have 240 low earth orbit satellites to provide high-speed and affordable broadband worldwide. This is a division technology firm of Airspace Internet Exchange (AirspaceIX).

In a previous statement, Globe said the CurvaNet satellite constellation will be able to deliver affordable broadband internet to even remote areas beyond the reach of any telecom towers, infrastructure, or electricity.

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