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Globe to utilize satellite broadband to provide connectivity on remote areas

In a statement, Globe Telecom said that it is working with US-based Curvalux in an effort to bring internet services to remote areas in the Philippines.
Globe to utilize satellite broadband to provide connectivity on remote areas
Satellite internet for remote areas soon?

Globe x Curvalux

Curvalux is the firm behind the CurvaNet satellite constellation project. CurvNet will have 240 low earth orbit satellites to provide high-speed and affordable broadband worldwide. This is a division technology firm of Airspace Internet Exchange (AirspaceIX).
Image from AirSpaceIX's website
Image from AirSpaceIX's website

According to Globe, the CurvaNet satellite constellation will be able to deliver affordable broadband internet to even remote areas beyond the reach of any telecom towers, infrastructure, or electricity.

It added that this tech will use its proprietary low-cost, solar-powered customer terminal. On its website, it said that that CurvaNet's system is low cost and self-installable.

According to Globe, this partnership will allow faster deployment of high-speed broadband to its customers with speeds ranging from 50 to 120 Mbps for download.

Globe will initially deploy this tech in 39 areas in the country. 315 more areas will follow within the year.

Apart from the CurvaNet satellite broadband, Globe noted that it was also tapping the company's broadband wireless technology as a part of its ongoing network upgrade.

Globe also tapped the company for its phased array multibeam broadband system. It's a partnership now lasting over a year.

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