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Meet LYPERTEK TEVI - Audio quality bang-per-buck TWS

LYPERTEK TEVI true wireless earphones, the highly-regarded TWS buds finally arrived in the Philippines for PHP 4,790. 
Meet LYPERTEK TEVI - Audio quality bang-per-buck TWS
Compact yet earphones

The LYPERTEK TEVI has been popular since its announcement in 2019. It was lauded by several reviewers and YouTubers as one of the best sounding true wireless earphones for its price. And that it could compete with true wireless earphones that cost twice or even thrice its price point. Is it true though? 

In the Philippines, it is priced at PHP 4,790 and has been available for purchase for a while now thru Digital Walker.

Let's dive in!



The LYPERTEK TEVI comes in a white box with a clear plastic top that lets users see the earphones and case inside. 
Box inclusions
Box inclusions

Inside the box are two earbuds, one charging case, extra pairs of rubber cups, one pair of foam ear cups, a quick start guide, and a USB-A to USB-C cable.

There is no included wall charger.

The included charging case is larger in real life than it looks in the pictures. It may be huge because of the massive 800mAh battery.
Case top and bottom sides
Case top and bottom sides

The case is made of mostly lightweight polycarbonate but with a fabric or textile outer shell. This textile looks and feels tough but I get the feeling that it will gather dirt over time.

On top of the case is the LYPERTEK logo while at the bottom slopes to a flat surface so the case will stand still on any flat surface. There is no wireless charging support with this case.
Case front and back sides
Case front and back sides

In front of the charging case are the opening of the charging case and the LED notification lights while at the back are the hinge and the USB Type-C port.

Each earbud is also made of the same lightweight black material as the case. On the outer side of the earbuds is the tactile button with LYPERTEK Logo, microphone port, and branding with a chrome-like round finish. While on the inner side are the CPU contacts, L and R indicators, and ear cups.
t and Backside of the earphones
Front and Backside of the earphones

Out of the box, the ear cups that were attached to the earbuds were a little too big for my ears. The cups themselves are also made of silicone but are harder and less malleable than I would like. This results in an uncomfortable feeling when you first wear them. I quickly switched to the included foam earcups and it solved this issue right away.

How to pair the LYPERTEK TEVI:

1. Open the case and then wear both earbuds. 
2. Double press the button on either the Left or Right earbud to enter Pairing mode. 
3. Turn-on Bluetooth on your smart device.
4. Scan for Bluetooth devices nearby, search, select, and pair with either TEVI-L/R. Once paired, a voice prompt will confirm once the TEVI is connected and paired.


Tap Button once - Play/Pause (L/R), Answer/End Calls,
Double Tap Button - (L) Volume Down, (R) Volume Up
Triple Tap Button - (L) Previous Track, (R) Next Track
Press and hold for 1 second - Enable/Disable Voice Assistant

There is an LYPERTEK App but you have to have done the initial pairing set-up first. The app lets you control the volume, equalizer, control scheme, and select the voice prompt language. The app also detects and updates the firmware installed in the earbuds.

In terms of audio quality, the TEVI produces sound with balanced lows, mids, highs. Clarity, separation, and soundstage are good for earbuds in its price category. If you are a lover of bass, you may find the bass lacking in this pair because it doesn't focus on it. It offers a more neutral sound. For us, the sound quality is on par with earbuds that are double to triple the price at the cost of build quality.

It features the Bluetooth Codec of aptX, AAC, and SBC which means it can handle higher quality codecs thru wireless connectivity. It carries thru as we didn't notice lag when streaming video or connectivity issues when listening to higher bitrate Spotify.   


Drivers: 6mm Graphene Driver
Frequency Response: 20 - 20kHz
Microphone: cVc 8.0 Noise Cancelling, Echo Cancellation, Noise Suppression
Battery: 800mAh (charging case), earbuds rated for 10 hours, 70 hours with charging case
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 (aptX, AAC, SBC)
Others: IPX7 water resistance, touch controls, USB-C, Colors: Black
Weight: 5.6 g (per earbud), 42.2 g (case)
Price: PHP 4,790

Quick thoughts

Inside the case

The LYPERTEK TEVI is unique in that it focuses on audio quality and battery life at the cost of features like better build materials, more premium design, and active noise cancellation that you would find in similarly priced wireless earphones.

If you are in the market for truly wireless earphones with long battery life and amazing sound quality at the cost of extra features, design, and build quality, then the LYPERTEK TEVI could be for you.

We can't praise the battery life and the sound quality enough. This could be a supplementary pair that focuses on leisure listening or for people who already have wireless earphones for the commute or for a daily driver but are looking for better-sounding earphones that will be used for longer listening sessions.

At Digital Walker, it currently has an introductory price of PHP 4,590.

What do you guys think?

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