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Smart makes its 5G roaming service available in UAE

After making this service available in South Korea and Taiwan, Smart has teamed up with Etisalat Group (Etisalat) and du to make its 5G roaming live in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Smart makes its 5G roaming service available in UAE
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Smart 5G roaming in UAE!

Etisalat Group (Etisalat) and du are two mobile telco brands in the United Arab Emirates.

This move is a part of the company's effort in making its 5G roaming service available in the world's top countries that offers the best 5G experience.

To use this service, Smart subscribers visiting UAE just need a Smart 5G-capable SIM and a Smart 5G-certified device. Next, subscribe to the special GigaRoam UAE Plan which includes 3GB of data for P999/15 days.

This is for Smart subscribers who are traveling in UAE who needs internet connectivity even if they don't use a local SIM. This will also allow the user to use his or her number to receive SMS and calls while abroad.

This is part of Smart's commitment to deliver superior customer service. The United Arab Emirates is among the top roaming destinations for Smart mobile subscribers. Our 5G roaming services deliver an excellent experience by enabling access to any sites that our kababayans need to stay connected to their families and loved ones back home, said Alice Ramos, Vice President for International Roaming and Consumer Business at Smart.

To know more about Smart's roaming service, simply visit roam.smart.com.ph.

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