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Google announces Entertainment Space for Android tablets

Google introduces a one-stop, personalized home for all favorite movies, shows, videos, games, and books called the Entertainment Space.
Google announces Entertainment Space for Android tablets
The user interface of Entertainment Space (Photo from Google)

Simplifying entertainment needs for Android tablet users

After launching the Kids Space a year ago, Google is now releasing a new feature on Android tablets for the rest of the family members. The Entertainment Space is a section to the left of the home screen that acts as an all-encompassing hub for TV shows, movies, games, and books. 

According to the search engine giant, Google says over 30 percent more people start using Android tablets compared to last year. Based on the company's research, people increasingly want assistance with content discovery.

Basically, users can save a bit of time by avoiding the need to hop between apps. After signing in to their subscription apps, the Entertainment Space will show them their content in one place in a tailored manner. If they want to share their tablet with other family members, each can have an own personalized profile.

Meanwhile, the Watch section appears like the Google TV on Chromecast. You can see a big hero banner at the top portion then there's also a list of streaming apps installed on your tablet. The recommendations in this section are coming from Google TV so the 'continue watching' should be in sync with Chromecast.

In the Games are, Google is showing a bunch of suggested titles to try and also a row for 'continue playing' for the existing games. In addition to this, there's a row for "instant play" games for those who cannot wait for the downloading time.

Finally, there's the Books tab which shows enables the user to quickly get back to whatever they were currently reading in Google Play Books. They can also find their audiobooks here plus a list of well-known books, highlights, and items on sale.

Google says that  Entertainment Space will be available on Walmart onn. tablets starting this month. Next year, they are bringing the feature globally on new and select existing tablets from Lenovo, Sharp and others.

Any thoughts on Entertainment Space?

Source: Google
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