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Huawei Band 6 Review - Feature-packed budget fitness band!

We share our experience with the Huawei Band 6 after 4 weeks of daily use. Is it worth the PHP 2,599 price tag?
Huawei Band 6 Unboxing and First Impressions
Huawei Band 6

In our unboxing and first impressions, we celebrated the premium unboxing experience and the premium looking and premium-feeling build and design. The Band 6 looks and feels solid while remaining lightweight. Our initial concern is that the bands are proprietary and thus could be hard to replace if Huawei decides to stop supporting Band 6.

How does Band 6 perform in the real world after four weeks?

Let's dive in!


The app
The app

As mentioned in our unboxing article, the Huawei Band 6's initial set-up begins as you turn on the watch. It then shows you a QR code that needs to be scanned with the Huawei Health App that you can download at the Google Play store.

Easy to pair, plenty of functions!

After scanning, the phone undergoes the pairing process. After it is paired with your smartphone, it now allows users access to the different features and settings of the Band 6.

Huawei Health app page for connected device
Huawei Health app page for connected device

The Huawei Health app has a specific area just for the paired devices. In this area, users have quick access to basic health stats, watch faces, health monitoring, troubleshooting, alarms, weather notifications, notification, device settings, and firmware updates.
Main Huawei Health page
Main Huawei Health page

The main page of the Huawei Health app includes quick access to your updated stats, exercises, heart rate, sleep, weight, stress, and SpO2. At the bottom are the quick tabs that take you to Health, Exercise, Discover, devices, and the user.

The exercise monitoring details the different types of exercise the Band 6 detects or the different types of exercise the user manually inputs.

In this case, Band 6 was able to detect that we ran indoors with a treadmill. We ran for 25 minutes for 1 km and it managed to measure our calories burned, pace, speed, cadence, stride, steps, and average heart rate.
Heart rate and Stress tracking pages
Heart rate and Stress tracking pages

The app also monitors your heart rate and stress levels. It can be viewed in days, weeks, months, and in years. It gives you an average range of your heart rate for when you are at rest and for when you are engaging in an activity.

It also does the same for stress and it even gives you a list of levels of stress. In our case, we were moving between relaxed and normal. In our time with Band 6, we never got to the point where our stress levels went beyond Medium. Results may vary per person.
Sleep tracking pages
Sleep tracking pages

Like most health-focused wearables in 2021, the Band 6 is also able to detect when the user has fallen asleep or has taken a nap and then record the user's sleep activity. After recording the user's sleep activity, it then offers insight into what the data means and its implications to the health of the user. It then offers suggestions to improve the user's sleep quality. This also applies to the monthly sleep data where the app recommended improving our sleep patterns for better quality sleep.

Huawei advertised that it has up to 10 days of battery life, but it can last for 14 days straight without charging!

Huawei advertises that the Huawei Band 6's battery can last for 10 days. In our experience with it for four weeks, we only charged the Huawei Band 6 twice in those four weeks. It would effectively last for 14 days straight without charging. This result comes from wearing the Band 6 almost 24 hours a day. We only took it off when we were taking a bath.

We ended up charging the watch every two weeks. It takes under 90 minutes to charge from 0 to 100 percent.

Pros - Premium-like design, lightweight, value for money performance and specs, super long battery life,
Cons - Proprietary charging cradle and proprietary straps could be hard to replace in the future


Box inclusions
Box inclusions

At PHP 2,599, the Huawei Band 6 is a highly recommended Smart fitness tracker. It has an eye-catching design with a lightweight and solid build quality. It offers the typical health tracking features for heart rate, sleep, exercise and stress but it adds Blood Oxygen (SpO2) for those who need to check their blood oxygen levels daily.

What is even more impressive is that even though Huawei advertises 10 days of battery life, we were getting 14 days or two weeks before we had to charge. This is when Band 6 is worn almost 24 hours a day. We only took it off when we were in the shower.

Our only concern with the watch is that there is no assurance whether Huawei will continue to support or sell extra bands or charging cradles in the future. These parts are proprietary so third party and future support are up in the air.

What do you guys think?

Build/Design - 4.25
Performance - 4.25
Average - 4.25/5

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