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Among Us PC version is FREE on Epic Games' 2nd week of Mega Sale

Among Us, the PC version is currently FREE to get on the Epic Games marketplace.
Among Us PC version is FREE on Epic Games' 2nd week of Mega Sale
Among Us

FREE on the 2nd week of the Mega Sale!

Last week Epic Games surprised the world of PC gamers with a treat, giving the NBA 2K21 PC for free. Epic also hinted another mystery game that's going to be free. Among Us is that game.

The impostor-hunting game became the most trending at the height of the pandemic due to having easy-to-understand mechanics. This allows family and friends to socialize and have fun when boredom strikes due to lockdown. 

Many players worldwide find it fun to play, in which a group of players act as secretly impostors and must kill their fellow crew whenever the opportunity arises then trick the rest as if they are real allies and prevent them to find out their true identities.

The game may not give you much savings as it's already cheap in the first place and is free on mobile too. Regardless, it is originally priced at PHP 149 and available to download for free from May 27 until June 3. 

Continuing the Epic Games Mega Sale there will be more mystery games that will be free in the marketplace so the players will be able to pick at least one new game per week. Who knows the next game might be a big one. The sale is available until June 17 so grab the opportunity while you still can.

What do you guys think?

Source: Epic Games

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