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NBA 2K21 PC is FREE to download on Epic Games until May 27

Epic Games started their mega sale with a blast with up to 75 percent discount on select games to their store including a FREE game NBA 2K21.
NBA 2K21 PC is FREE to download on Epic Games until May 27
HOF Kobe Bryant in 2K21

Grab your FREE NBA2K21 now!

Yes, you read that right, 2K's latest basketball game is free to download until May 27 at 11 PM. Usually, the titles that will be in the store's weekly free game are announced 1 week ahead. But they made the identity of the game secret until now.

Surely, this is a big surprise for all pc gamers out there who are wanting to get it but find it a bit out of their budget. This basketball game if priced normally would cost around PHP 2,290. 

To get the game for free, simply download Epic Game's marketplace. Create an account or sign in via Facebook or Google. Then head to the store and you'd immediately find the game on the marketplace's banner. Select NBA and click place order. 
Placing order
Placing order 

An email will be sent to you as a receipt for purchasing it. Don't worry as you would see in the receipt that the cost charged is only PHP 0.00. The size of the basketball title is around 99.1GB.
The receipt
The receipt

On top of that, for every title purchased above PHP 750, there will be a free coupon of  PHP 500 off. When a customer uses the coupon they will get another one immediately. The coupons are usable on standard purchases, early access titles, and pre-purchases. Customers who have previously made pre-purchases are also eligible for the discount. If a game that was previously pre-ordered is released during the Mega Sale, the discount will be applied when the game is released.

Epic Games also seems to have another big surprise as the basketball title will be replaced by another "mystery game" next week. 

So stay tuned with us for more details on the upcoming surprise.

What do you guys think?

Source: Epic Games, Via Polygon
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