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Lalamove outs Sedan Purchase Service for Metro Manila and GMA residents

On a Facebook post, Lalamove just announced a purchase service option for Sedan 200kg for those users located within Metro Manila and GMA.
Lalamove outs Sedan Purchase Service for Metro Manila and GMA residents
Sedan Purchase Service is now available within Metro Manila and GMA

Introducing Sedan Purchase Service

For an additional PHP 100, Lalamove's Sedan Partner Drivers may now buy items of up to PHP 5,000 on the customer’s behalf with their Purchase Service. With this, you can conveniently purchase big plants, delicate cakes and pastries, and bulk items.

How does it work? To book a purchase service, set pick-up and drop-off locations then select 'Sedan' as vehicle type. Next, choose 'Purchase Service' as an Additional Service. Note that there is an additional PHP 100 service fee on top of base fare plus per KM fee.

After that, select the price tier which item coincides with and the price cannot go beyond PHP 5K. Lalamove requests the user from avoiding misdeclaration for the item price. The item being purchased must also include an official receipt.

You can input additional instructions via driver notes. Just place the order then wait for a driver to pick it up. Next is order confirmation with your driver. When the driver arrives, you have the option to pay in cash or via GCash.

Moreover, Lalamove has noted some reminders for the app users.  If the driver waits in the store for more than 30 minutes, an additional Waiting Time Charge of PHP 100 for every fraction of an hour shall be settled. You also have to settle the parking fee since it is excluded in the computation.

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Source: Lalamove

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