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Image renders show that the upcoming MacBook Air will arrive in multiple colors!

Well-known tipster Jon Prosser has leaked the design render images of the upcoming MacBook Air.
Leaked image of a blue MacBook Air (Screen capture from Front Page Tech)

Ultra-thin laptop in different colors

The rendered photos of the revamped MacBook Air with new colors are allegedly based on leaked photos of the product showcased by the leaker. He claims that the upcoming Apple laptop will launch with a new M2 chip. 

The Apple M1 chip successor is expected to come with some performance and efficiency upgrades. He did not dive into the details about the chip but revealed the color options. 

Jon Prosser has heard from his source that Apple is testing a Blue colorway for its new MacBooks. Therefore, there's an assumption that 2021 versions of  MacBook Air and MacBook Pro will come in different colors. They could be similar to the 24-inch Apple iMac launched last month.

Apparently, the redesigned MacBook Air shares similarities to the current version but it is equipped with slight changes. Prosser said that to make it more modern, the laptop will be ultra-thin without a wedge shape. It will be barely thick enough just to have a USB-C port. Also, a slim off-white bezel replaces the black bezel found on the previous MacBook Air models. 

According to the source, when the popular leaker receives images of unreleased products, he generally doesn't share them directly. Rather than doing that, he sends the leaked images to a rendering artist to produce visuals based on the leaks. 

In this way, he keeps his original source safe in case of incriminating evidence found in the photos. Note that the photos seen by Prosser were disassembled part images, not the finished product.

Apple announced that the transition to Apple Silicon would take about two years in June 2020. MacBook Air is expected to be unveiled after the Apple Silicon transition is done. At the earliest, the new laptop will be official in the fall of next year.

For now, we should take this information with a grain of salt and wait for the official announcement from the Cupertino giant.

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