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realme will release the Watch 2 Pro, Buds Wireless 2, and more today May 20

Following the debut of realme Watch 2 last month, it looks like a Pro version is on the way along with other smart devices.
Smart wearables teaser photo

realme Smart wearables launching later!

There's a photo circulating on Twitter that gives a sneak peek at what will realme is going to unveil on May 20. Based on the image, it appears the company will be releasing the Watch 2 Pro, Buds Wireless 2, Buds Wireless 2 Neo, and realme Pocket Bluetooth speaker.

The pro version of Watch 2 appears to retain the square design found on the regular version. The upgraded smartwatch will have a 390mAh battery which is up from the 315mAh from the non-pro model, based on the leaked FCC certification.

Now, the 2019's realme Buds Wireless is going to have a successor which will be called the Buds Wireless 2, and retains the same around-the-neck design as the previous one. There aren't many details about the specifications, but it will definitely be the better version over the Buds Wireless 2 Neo.

Regarding the Buds Wireless 2 Neo, it is already available for sale in Sri Lanka. It has 11.2mm drivers and a 150 mAh battery that has the capability of playing for around 17 hours. Just like its siblings it also has a neckband style design. The Neo also has Bluetooth 5.0, and an IPX4 water-repellent coating for protection against minimal water splashes.

Lastly, the company will launch a Pocket size Bluetooth speaker. In the image provided, it looks to have a pill-shaped form unlike the round design from the realme Cobble Bluetooth speaker. The lanyard attachment is also visible just like the latter speaker for portability. However, the rest of the specification is yet to be known.

What do you guys think?

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