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Google WearOS and Samsung Tizen are merging!

Both Google and Samsung announced that they are combining Wear OS and the Tizen to a single platform for wearables.
Samsung is joining forces with Google for a new platform for smartwatches called Wear!
A unified platform with more apps from developers (Photo from Google)

To bring the best of Google's Wear OS and Samsung's Tizen?

Samsung Vice President and head of software development Janghyun Yoon confirmed that future Galaxy Watches will run new software instead of Tizen. With its joint effort with Google, they aim to create a single, unified platform they are initially calling "Wear". 

According to a recent Google blog post, the merge will bring notable improvements such as better battery life and smoother animations. The new OS is claimed to have a 30 percent faster loading time for applications. Aside from that, Google is committing a finer selection of apps and watch faces compared to its previous ones.

By introducing navigation capabilities, the Wear OS can make it more convenient to multitask across smartwatch widgets. Additionally, it also features new ways for users to customize their home screen carousel. 

In this way, they can easily select what information they want to view at a glance. They can also set which actions they want to do in just a single swipe.

Last but not the least, the unified platform is said to make it easier for developers to develop great apps for the watch. Google Wear Director of Product Management Bjorn Kilburn explained,

This isn't just for Google and Samsung. All device makers will be able to add a customized user experience on top of the platform, and developers will be able to use the Android tools they already know and love to build for one platform and ecosystem. And because of these benefits, you will have more options than ever before, whether it’s choosing which device to buy or picking which apps and watch faces to display.

Google said that these updates will be rolled out starting later this year.

Sources: Google, Via: The Verge

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