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Twitter Spaces officially arrived on iOS and Android and here's how it works

After introducing it last year, Twitter announced that it is opening its Spaces feature to all users with at least 600 followers.
Twitter Spaces officially arrived on iOS and Android and here's how it works
Introducing Twitter Spaces

Bringing conversations on Twitter to life by voices

Twitter Spaces is an audio-only voice chat feature that allows a host to stream voice chats with other users. Audience members have a choice to just listen can either listen or participate in the conversation.

According to Twitter, Spaces aim to encourage and unlock open conversations on Twitter. They believe that the human voice can bring authenticity and depth to those conversations. 

With these Spaces, users can talk about what's happening and what matters to them. It can be used either for small and intimate gatherings with just a few participants or for big discussions.
The audience members can request to speak if they want to express an idea
The audience members can request to speak if they want to express an idea

How does it work? 

When someone you follow starts or Speaks in a Space, it will appear at the top of your timeline as a purple bubble for as long as it's live. You may join Twitter Space as a listener, reacting with emojis and check out any pinned Tweets. Aside from that, you can tweet or send a direct message to Space, or request to speak.

In addition to talking, the speaker can pin Tweets to Space and turn on captions. These actions will help your audience follow along with his/her key points. Also, he/she can tweet the Space so followers can join the discussion.
The host can mute everyone on the Space
The host can mute everyone on the Space

For a speaker or host to manage the Space and block, Twitter equipped this feature with some safety controls. Like for example, they can mute someone who is speaking or take away their mic. They can remove him/her from the Space completely. In addition to this, the platform included a new management page for easier hosting.

Moreover, Twitter said that anyone can report or block others in the Space or report the Space. If someone blocked you, you cannot join his/her Space and vice-versa. You'll just see labels and warnings if someone you've blocked is speaking in a Space you are participating in.

There will be more features to come on Twitter Spaces and all of them were based on users' feedbacks. One of them is Ticketed Spaces in which hosts can set ticket prices and the number of tickets as well. In this way, hosts can earn the majority of the revenue from the ticket sales while a small portion of it goes to Twitter.

Another feature that Twitter will add is the schedule and set reminders function. This is to make it easier for users to track what's happening and what are upcoming Spaces. Lastly, they will also include a co-hosting feature. With this enhancement, co-hosts can help manage speakers and participants. If the host needed to leave early, one of the co-hosts can take over.

Learn more about how Spaces by clicking here.

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