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US tech giant Apple warns Chinese leakers

US-based tech giant Apple warned of taking a step against famous leakers Kang and Duan Rui.
US tech giant Apple warns Chinese leakers
File photo: iPhone Xs

Apple vs Chinese leakers

Several social media posts revealed that the American company has demanded the said leakers in China to stop disclosing details of Apple's future devices.

A tweet from Duan Rui said that Apple "sent a lawyer's letter to the leaker in China."

In a separate Weibo post from Kang, he said the letter from Apple stated that any leaks will not be tolerated. Kang also warned other bloggers on posting unreleased products which may be considered as "infringement and abuse of commercial information."

The official letter, however, was not posted online.

Both Kang and Duan Rui are reliable sources for leaks. However, Apple Insider noted that information from these individuals may "slow or stop altogether" following Apple's move.

Apple has been wildly successful in building out its platforms, mitigating the fact that iPhone sales had peaked, by building products that surround it and services that enhance it, Avi Greengart, an analyst with the consultancy Techsponential, previously said.

As the Coronavirus pandemic limits people's movement and forces companies to embrace the work-from-home scheme, industry sources said Apple continued to gain from this.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Apple has cemented its further dominance as it recorded strong sales of wearables and tablets, along with new apps and services.

In August 2020, Apple was the only US firm to hit the USD 2 trillion market value.

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