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vivo highlights the advantages of V21's extended RAM tech

vivo has shared the benefits of having Extended RAM technology found on the V21 series.
vivo highlights the advantages of V21's extended RAM tech
Virtual RAM, better performance

Benefits of vivo's virtual RAM

The company used the same optimization technique just like what you would see in PCs, but this time it will be on a phone that has 8GB of RAM but can borrow an additional 3GB of virtual memory space that comes from the internal storage and utilize it for RAM. 

The smartphone will act as though it has 11GB of RAM, thus providing the operating system and apps additional memory to use. 

This technology enables the user to have a buttery smooth experience when navigating or switching between apps.

Apart from the extended RAM tech, the V21 series are both equipped with AMOLED panels with HDR10+ certification.
File photo: V21 5G
File photo: V21 5G

The V21 5G is powered by 2.4GHz 7nm MediaTek Dimensity 800U, this SoC allows users to fully enjoy the phone's large cameras, which are assisted by built-in imaging accelerators, noise reduction, and AI processing unit. The processor is also responsible for providing a superb 5G experience as well as a longer battery life of the phone.

While the V21e is powered by 2.3GHz 8nm Snapdragon 720G, this one has a near similar performance to the processor above but lacks the 5G capabilities.

Just like what we mentioned earlier, they have 8GB RAM + 3GB virtual RAM and 128GB storage. They have 4,000 mAh batteries and can be charged with a 33W Flash charger.

Both models have 64MP rear cameras and a large 44MP front camera. The difference is that the V21 5G uses OIS for both of its lenses making it dubbed as "The New Portrait Master", while the V21e only uses EIS for its cameras.

All these are placed inside the smartphone's slim body of just 7.29 mm width and are only 176 grams light.

With these features, owners of the phone can have a smooth-running experience while still having the capabilities of shooting good-looking pictures.

Both devices are available on the brand's kiosk, stores, official Lazada, and Shopee stores priced at 23,999 and 17,999 respectively.

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