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South Korea leads in global 5G download speeds at 440+ Mbps!

South Korea is on top of the world in terms of 5G download speeds. It reached speeds above 440 Mbps which is even 10 times faster than the USA speeds.
South Korea leads in global 5G download speeds at 440+ Mbps!
File photo: vivo X60's 5G test

Who's in the top 5 of 5G speeds?

SpeedCheck 5G rankings
SpeedCheck 5G rankings

According to a report published by SpeedCheck, South Korea topped the 5G download speed rankings consisting of 19 countries. It posted a maximum download speed of 449.31 Mbps. This is so far ahead of everyone else since the 2nd fastest, Taiwan, only recorded a max download speed of 135.36 Mbps. These results came from tests conducted from February 2021 and March 2021.

The third spot features the United Kingdom with 126.49 Mbps then Japan with 124.25 Mbps, and then Germany in fifth with 120.69 Mbps. To complete the top 10, we have Austria with 120.24 Mbps at sixth, Switzerland with 99.06 Mbps at seventh, the Netherlands with 91.97 Mbps at eighth, Australia with 87.25 Mbps at ninth, and Kuwait with 86.33 Mbps at tenth. The USA was not even in the top 15, it was at the 16th spot only managing to post an average of 43.34 Mbps.

This means that South Korea is at the peak 5G performance and experience. This means faster download times for big files, a better streaming experience, better VR/AR performance, and a lag-free, low-latency online gaming experience.

SpeedCheck also compared the internet pricing between the USA and South Korea. US users pay USD 1.50 per gigabyte while South Koreans pay USD 2.50 per gigabyte on average. If the difference in speeds is an indicator, we can definitely say that South Koreans get more value for their money.

Will the Philippines crack the Top 20 in the future?

What do you guys think?

Source: SpeedCheck
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