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Converge ICT to double data transmission capacity to 800 Gbps

Fiber internet provider Converge ICT is targeting to double the data transmission capacity of its metro backbone from the existing 400 gigabits per second to a whopping 800 Gbps.
Converge ICT to double data transmission capacity to 800 Gbps
Converge boosting data transfers

Converge ICT readies network for high-speed data transfers

Converge chief executive officer Dennis Anthony Uy said the company continues its network infrastructure upgrade to deliver better telco services and future-proof its system.

Developments in cloud computing, big data, virtual reality, combined with the increasing demands on remote storage and streaming technology are creating a massive demand on our network and data centers. We want to respond to the high-capacity needs of our network and customers, and to be able to accommodate any new-generation technologies they may have, Uy said.

With the upgrade of the metro backbone, Converge explained that while more data will be pushed through its data centers, it vowed the upgrade will reduce latency.

This will also promote high-speed data transfers needed for next-generation technologies, including the Internet of Things and smart cities.

Just think about how much capacity 800 billion bits per second will give you. That’s enough to download the latest Valorant season and over 20 HD movies in one second. At the same time, this latest technology allows us to use less hardware to efficiently deliver our services, limits the possibility of congestion whether in normal or outage situations, and reduces our energy consumption and cost, said Converge chief operating officer Jesus Romero

For this year, Converge targets to cough up PHP 20 billion investment to upgrade and expand its network to the Visayas and Mindanao.
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