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BlackBerry phones might return soon as an Android devices with 5G!

The Onward Mobility Program is hinting BlackBerry phones are making a comeback.
Blackberry might return soon as an Android device with 5G!
File photo: BlackBerry KEY2 and KEY2 LE from 2019

A hint from a pre-commitment program?

Before smartphones, BlackBerry was one of the popular mobile phone brands as it was often a choice among businessmen and professionals. However, it slowly lost its relevance with the rise of smartphones with touchscreen and advanced OS. 

A few years ago, the company released the BlackBerry Priv and Blackberry KEY series. These phones are the brand's efforts to combine its iconic QWERTY keyboard with touchscreens but didn’t find a place among its competitors. 

However, there are valid assumptions that BlackBerry smartphones will return to the market soon. It was in August last year when the US-based tech company Onward Mobility, made an acquisition for rights of the BlackBerry brand. 

The present owners of the BlackBerry brand are now introducing a pre-commitment program. The waitlist program is asking customers and industry for engagement to understand what they would want in a smartphone. 

According to Onward Mobility, they created the program to improve their engagement with customers interested in purchasing new devices. Also, there's a specific reference to "new and innovative BlackBerry 5G smartphones". 

This may be a strong sign that the owners are planning to launch the BlackBerry phone, complete with 5G mobile network support.

Moreover, the program mentioned that those individuals who'll sign up will "provide input to directly influence product features and functionality." There are no hints regarding the upcoming device's build and design and whether or not it will have a physical keyboard.

Also, it's clear that the purpose of the program is not only for data collection and consumer research. Onward Mobility noted that those who signed up will be able to "pre-order the device and be one of the first to receive your device at launch". 

They will also be the first to receive product, feature, and availability updates before the general public does.

There are rumors that the company will unveil a BlackBerry phone sometime next year. It's still early to tell so we may have to wait for more updates from Onward Mobility regarding this possible BlackBerry revival.

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