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EPSON announces "Be Cool" printer sustainability campaign

EPSON further expands its efforts to promote printer sustainability. This means decreasing carbon footprint while maintaining great productivity.
EPSON announces "Be Cool" printer sustainability campaign
Sustainability via EPSON's Be Cool campaign

EPSON "Be Cool" campaign now official

In different industries, increased carbon output is usually linked to better productivity. However, this is not ideal for our planet. It is important to find the balance between high-level productivity and sustainability.

EPSON's Be Cool printer sustainability campaign aims to remind customers that it is impossible to maximize efficiency and productivity while reducing environmental impact. It is relying on the brand's nose for innovation. Businesses can choose to "Be Cool" and discover how EPSON's innovative tech that makes the most sense in terms of sustainability.

The stars of the campaign are the EcoTank and Business Inkjet printers that use Heat-Free Technology to deliver advanced benefits over laser and thermal inkjet technology. It also has the world's first dry process office paper-making system, PaperLab.

Be Cool brings three product lines front and center to highlight how its eco features can help
significantly streamline processes and give businesses a competitive advantage. Epson’s Heat Free Technology ensures that the EcoTank and Business Inkjet printers use no heat in the ink ejection process, which means less power consumption and more savings on electricity costs.

Epson’s first in-office paper recycling system, PaperLab pushes eco-friendly solutions further. Powered by Dry Fiber Technology, PaperLab turns waste paper into new paper, using a virtually dry process, in just 3 minutes. It uses only about 1/100th of the water it takes to make an equivalent mass of ordinary paper so that businesses conserve water while reducing the volume of paper that must be transported to off-site recyclers.

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