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Globe's VoLTE now available in 94 percent of all towns

Globe Telecom further expanded its Voice Over LTE or VoLTE service, making it available to postpaid subscribers in 94 percent of all towns in the Philippines.
Globe's VoLTE now available in 94 percent of all towns
Globe ramps up coverage of VoLTE service

More Globe customers use VoLTE

Issa Guevarra-Cabreira, Globe Chief Commercial Officer, said in a statement the group has been witnessing a monthly growth rate of 8 percent in customer adoption.

Currently, Cabreira said 30 percent of Globe's postpaid customers are now actively using VoLTE.

We are optimistic that more customers will latch on to this new service in the coming months because it provides a great customer experience for them and once again gives them the power to choose what works best for them, Cabreira was quoted as saying in the statement.

Globe explained VoLTE is the standard high-speed wireless communication for mobile phones using 4G LTE instead of the traditional voice networks being used by 2G and 3G.

VoLTE likewise allows customers to stay connected in LTE while on a call. This feature is very useful for people who are avid gamers or fond of posting and streaming videos on the Internet.

Cabreira said Globe is also working to cover the remaining 6 percent of areas in the Philippines with VoLTE.
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