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LG launched two new Tone Free earbuds with ANC and UV self-cleaning to their lineup

LG has released two additional TWS Earbuds for their Tone Free lineup namely the FP9 and FP5, both with ANC and UV self-cleaning.
LG launched two new Tone Free earbuds with ANC and UV self-cleaning to their lineup
The LG Tone Free series

Two brand new audio products from LG!

The South Korean-based company may have departed the smartphone industry, still LG has no plans to stop developing accessories for them.

Now the FP9 and FP5 have joined together with FP8 on the Tone Free series.

These new TWS earbuds have a semi in-ear design and have shorter stems. All of which are available in colors Charcoal Black, Haze Gold, and Pearl White.

The new earbuds feature "Meridian Audio Processing" which allows a more immersive sounding experience by simulating the sound coming from all directions. It also features a software enhancement called the 3D Sound Stage that improves the audio and gives a "lifelike experience".

As we have said above they also have the ANC technology in three different modes and an IPX4 rating as protection from water splashes.

Each TWS has three microphones, though the FP lineup boasts a "Whispering Mode" where it allows the right earbud to be used as a microphone when held close to the mouth in sensitive areas such as the library or in a crowded train. 
TWS image 2
TWS image 2

Just like what the FP8 has, the FP9 and FP5 have also received the same UVnano charging case. It is the company's self-cleaning tech that reduces bacteria by 99 percent when placing them in its case in just a span of 5 minutes.

Not only that, but both new models also feature medical-grade, hypoallergenic ear gels to reduce the risk of skin irritations in the ear canal.

Another innovative feature of the FP9 is that it can be used as a wireless audio dongle; simply put the case into a console or a laptop/PC to get low-latency sound.

As for their battery life, the FP9 is claimed to offer up to 24 hours of usage including the case while each of its earbuds can last up to 10 hours between charges. The battery life for the FP5 has been toned down a little with 22 hours total, and 8 hours each on a single charge.

When it comes to connection, the brand claims that it now has wider compatibility with simpler connectivity for ease of use, it also has an app for more controls and a locator for the TWS in case they got lost or misplaced.

However, LG hasn't shared any info with regards to the price of their two new audio products. But the company has promised that we will see its sale "this month in key markets".

What do you guys think?

Source: LG

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