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Netflix is possibly planning to venture into video games!

According to a source, the streaming platform is expanding into the gaming industry by next year, without requiring additional costs from customers.
Netflix is possibly planning to venture into video games!
File photo: Netflix

The games will be available as a new genre?

A few days ago, Netflix confirmed that it has officially hired Mike Verdu as its Vice President of Games Development. Once installed at the platform, Verdu will allegedly report to Chief Operating Officer Greg Peters.

Verdu was most recently VP content for Facebook Reality Labs, where he oversaw Oculus Studios and the teams that brought second-and third-party virtual reality games to Oculus VR headsets. Aside from that, he was a former Senior Vice President for Mobile in Electronic Art. He was responsible for mobile games like Plants vs. Zombies 2, The Sims Freeplay, and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. 

Previously, the streaming subscription giant has been suggesting that it's interested in pursuing gaming. It even features interactive, choose-your-own-adventure-style programming like Bandersnatch and Carmen Sandiego. 

But in April, Netflix's chief operating and product officer suggested that that the company's interest in gaming may be advancing. Greg Peters said,

We're trying to figure out what are all these different ways ... we can deepen that fandom, and certainly games are a really interesting component of that. There's no doubt that games are going to be an important form of entertainment and an important modality to deepen that fan experience.

Meanwhile, the objective with Netflix's gaming division is to, "create new types of stories and new product experiences," a Netflix job listing says." Apparently, the goal of games created by the platform is to "enhance and deepen member engagement".

Rather than making traditional video games, it sounds from the listing like Netflix Interactive aims to do something interactive that leans more toward the film world than the video game world. 

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