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OPPO outs new charging technologies, charging time for 65W takes 30 minutes!

Tech giant OPPO just revealed its new charging technologies, aiming to ensure battery safety during fast charging.
File photo: OPPO Reno5 5G

New technologies for battery safety, charging efficiency, and optimum temperatures

According to OPPO,  it is upgrading its charging technology through better hardware and AI software. It claims that the battery will lose as little as 20 percent of its capacity even though it got charged for 1,500 cycles. By doing this, it allegedly exceeds the requirements by 300 percent.

Aside from that, the mobile manufacturer announced a better 65W Super VOOC charging technology. It only now needs 30 minutes to be fully charged, as opposed to 40 minutes of the previous version.

Moreover, OPPO is making a significant change as it will now use gallium nitride in the circuitry.

Reportedly, this is the first time for the company to use GaN in its charging solutions, bringing an improved voltage resistance. Apart from that, GaN consumes less space than silicone.

OPPO is also launching smart charging that adjusts the current in the charger and the battery dynamically to meet the optimal requirements. The tech giant explained that there's an algorithm that detects the maximum capacity that differs according to the type of battery.

It claims smart charging will let each battery have its own charging curve also allows each user to decide their own charging mode. Meanwhile, OPPO also has a new solution to minimize incidents of battery explosions. 

The company announced wherein a new type of composite polymer material is being used. Instead of going with the conventional aluminum foil current collector, it has a matrix to form a sandwich-like structure. In addition to this, the new matrix is layered with five coatings to prevent excessive heat. 

The last charging technology is a battery safety detection chip in the circuitry. This chip can detect abnormal voltage drops in a battery much earlier than the user could. Thus, it can avoid any damage that may follow otherwise. Coupled with an algorithm, this chip will tell the user to get the battery replaced.

The source said that future phones from OPPO and its family brands are expected to come with this technology but did not reveal when exactly.

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