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XTREME features its top 6 appliances that are great for this rainy season

XTREME Appliances showcases its products suitable for consumers should have in cold and rainy weather.
XTREME features its top 6 appliances that are great for this rainy season
XTREME's rainy day promo as it joins 7.7 sales of Shopee and Lazada

Top 6 Rainy day season products from XTREME Appliances

Rainy days are certainly here, as expected during the middle of the year in the Philippines. Lucky for us, there are some useful appliances to make you comfortable even during rains and storms. 

This is the reason why XTREME curated a list of its products that fits this kind of weather. It's also a nice thing that these appliances are discounted during Lazada and Shopee's 7.7 sale campaign.
XTREME Home Combo Washer and Dryer

1.  XTREME Home Combo Washer and Dryer - Doing laundry while it's heavily pouring down is a hard task. It's not possible to hang them outside so having a 2-in-1 washing machine from this local brand can be quite useful. 

You can get a 28 percent price cut on XTREME Home Combo Washer & Dryer on July 7 via Lazada.
XTREME Android TV 55"
XTREME Android TV 55"

2.  XTREME Android TV 55" - A nice way to spend your free time when it's raining is by watching your favorite movies and series. You can enjoy a cinematic experience with your friends and family with the 55-inch XTREME Android TV. 

Get this TV for PHP 30,665 only (from the original SRP of PHP 35,995) during Lazada's upcoming sale.

3. XTREME Home Gas Ranges - This rainy season, you might as well prefer to eat home-cooked meals with your family. Thankfully, the appliance brand offers a wide range of gas ranges to suit your needs.

You can enjoy up to a 28 percent discount when purchasing selected XTREME gas ranges during Shopee 7.7 sale.
XTREME X-Series Bottom Load Water Dispenser

4. XTREME X-Series Bottom Load Water Dispenser - A hot water dispenser is pretty handy, especially when you're craving a quick hot beverage or bowl of instant noodles. Aside from that, you must keep yourself hydrated no matter what the weather is.

The XTREME X-Series Bottom Load Water Dispenser will be PHP 2,240 off this coming 7.7 sale on Lazada.
XTREME Home Microwave Ovens
XTREME Home Microwave Ovens

5. XTREME Home Microwave Ovens - Microwave oven is another way of preparing food and drinks that can bring warmth and comfort. You can heat up leftovers quickly or whip up simple dishes with microwave ovens from this local brand.

XTREME offers as much as a 14 percent price cut for its microwave ovens via Shopee this coming 7.7 sale event.
XTREME Home Multi-Cookers
XTREME Home Multi-Cookers

6. XTREME Home Multi-Cookers - Rainy days usually mean Pinoy comfort foods like congee, creamy soup, or a chocolatey champorado. The XTREME Home Multi-Cooker can make the preparation process of these dishes faster and more convenient.

You can score up to 14 percent discount  XTREME Home Multicookers this Shopee 7.7 Sale.

To see the full list of products and exclusive discounts, please visit XTREME on its website plus official flagship stores in Lazada and Shopee.

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