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Chipolo ONE and CARD trackers now available at Digital Walker, price starts at PHP 1,490

In case you've been looking for a Bluetooth-based item tracker that works for both iOS and Android, then Chipolo could be for you.
Chipolo ONE and CARD trackers now available at Digital Walker, price starts at PHP 1,490
Chipolo item trackers are now in the Philippines!

It could be used to track your belongings across your devices

Chipolo is a European brand that started in 2013. They only have three products that help people in finding misplaced items like keys, wallets, and other valuables. 

In the Philippines, Digital Walker has made it available for Filipinos. The following are the Chipolo products available in the country right now.

1. Chipolo ONE - This is a simple, coin-like item tracker with a punch-hole on its top for easy attachment of keys or lanyards. It features two-way tracking which means you can track it using the app on your smartphone or you can use it to find your smartphone as well.
Chipolo ONE in red color
Chipolo ONE in red color

It is packed with a replaceable battery that's advertised to last up to two years. Chipolo ONE is also very loud producing 120dB of sound. There are six color choices of red, blue, green, yellow, white, and black.

2. Chipolo CARD - This one features a very thin card design and is smaller than debit or credit cards we have around. It's perfect for wallets, IDs, and passports. Similar to the Chipolo ONE, it can also act as a remote to ring to find your smartphone aside from being an item tracker. The Chipolo CARD, however, packs an irreplaceable battery that can only last up to a year. 
Chipolo CARD
Chipolo CARD

It is also less loud at only 95dB of sound. It is only available in the white colorway.

3. Chipolo ONE Ocean Edition - This is simply just the Chipolo ONE only that it is made from discarded fishing nets. Its packaging says that for every purchase of the Chipolo Ocean, a dollar is being donated to Oceanic Global for its efforts in cleaning the ocean all over the world.
Chipolo Ocean
Chipolo Ocean

It is only available in the Ocean Blue variant. 

All of the Chipolos have an IPX5 rating making them water-resistant. They're also advertised to have a 200ft of range, compatible with iOS 12, Android 7, and later. These item trackers can also be voice-controlled via Siri, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa.

The Chipolo app is available in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Price and availability

Chipolo ONE - PHP 1,490
Chipolo CARD - PHP 1,990
Chipolo ONE Ocean Edition - PHP 1,690

The Chipolo item trackers are now available at all Digital Walker stores nationwide as well as their website, LazMall, and ShopeeMall online channels. 

The Chipolo ONE is also available in packs of four where you can score discounts. Meanwhile, the Chipolo CARD can also be bought in packs of two.

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