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Diablo II: Resurrected release date is on September 23!

The remastered Diablo II: Resurrected was announced a couple months ago at Blizzconline. Now, it has a release date which will be on September 23.
Diablo II: Resurrected release date is on September 23!
Diablo II: Resurrected

Only one more month to go!

The iconic action hack-and-slash RPG from Blizzard Entertainment was a hit video game two decades ago. Now the Diablo fans will have a chance to once again play their childhood game but with remastered visuals.
Up to 4K and 60fps support
Up to 4K and 60fps support

Looking at the trailer, the game will even support up to 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. That will give players a smooth and crisp visual experience. Aside from that, it will also have 8 player co-op gameplay in PVP or PVE mode. 

Diablo II: Resurrection will still have up to five classes namely the Paladin, Druid, Barbarian, Amazon, and Sorceress.

There will also be cross-progression support, this means a user can take their progress just in case they decided to switch gaming platforms along the run.

The said video game will be available to different platforms either on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch

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