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Only 5 percent of Globe's customers are still using 3G network in NCR and Rizal

Globe recently announced that only 5 percent of its subscribers are still using its 3G network in NCR and Rizal.
Only 5 percent of Globe's customers are still using 3G network in NCR and Rizal
Globe 5G

Full blast on its customer migration activities to 4G and 5G

This is due to the company's recent full blast on its customer migration activities from the obsolete 3G technology to the more advanced 4G LTE and 5G for a richer and fuller connectivity experience.

The company announced that starting August 1, 2021, the country's economic epicenter will be predominantly using 4G LTE and 5G technologies.

To reap, 
4G LTE or Long Term Evolution is a standard for wireless data transmission which allows faster connectivity and better data experience. Meanwhile, 5G is the newest internet connectivity technology allowing way faster speeds than 4G, higher bandwidth, ultra-low latency suitable for mobile gaming, and more.

This year, Globe released PHP 70 billion in capital expenditures for cell site tower builds, upgrades, and laying high-speed lines.

Globe also shared that it is 
aggressively rolling out 5G in major cities all over the country.

We want our customers to have a reliable data experience wherever they are in the country.  This is why we are aggressively migrating our customers to the higher technologies now available at very affordable prices.  These technologies offer better data experience and more stable connectivity, said Ernest Cu, Globe President and CEO.

Someday, someone out there will create an application that will require this infrastructure.  Once the technology is there, then the creativity follows, Cu added.

Although Globe sees a faster rollout of 5G technology in the Philippines, the country still has some catching up to do when it comes to infrastructure.

But, Cu noted that it's 
much easier to build now with the new laws that were passed during the time of the pandemic. 

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