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Globe to DPWH: Outages due to fiber cuts can be avoided

Globe Telecom has put the blame on the road constructions of the Department of Public Works and Highways for internet outages.
Globe to DPWH: Outages due to fiber cuts can be avoided
Globe appeals to DPWH to be diligent

Globe asks DPWH to "exercise diligence"

In a statement on Thursday, the telco has appealed to the DPWH anew as their excavation activities sometimes cut the telco's fiber cables, interrupting internet services.

The group stressed DPWH's contractors must "exercise diligence when working on road construction projects."

Its president and chief executive officer said the issue has been happening "multiple times", affecting not just thousands, but hundreds of thousands of people.

This has been also raised to the agency "several times", but no concrete action has been taken.

As we aim to serve our customers better, we must take steps to avoid this as much as possible. So once again, I reiterate our appeal to the DPWH and its contractors to act responsibly and recognize this recurring issue, Cu said.

According to Cu, other telco providers also face the same problem.

But for Globe alone, the company experienced multiple incidents of fiber cuts in the first semester caused by construction companies across the Philippines.

We've been lobbying the government for some support in terms of getting these construction companies to be a bit more diligent in looking at build plans, given the fact that the internet is so important these days and any outage is found to attract a lot of attention from the public given their dependence on connectivity, Cu said.

Source: Globe

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