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PLDT extends BEYOND FIBER connectivity in Agdangan, Quezon

To improve the municipality's connectivity, PLDT has activated its BEYOND FIBER solution to the LGU of Agdangan, Quezon.
PLDT extends BEYOND FIBER connectivity in Agdangan, Quezon
Municipal Mayor Rhadam Aguilar and PLDT Enterprise Head Rex Toralballa

BEYOND FIBER can support the digital operations of the municipality

The telco giant's BEYOND FIBER will help the authorities in Agdangan in terms of  COVID-19 response initiatives. Agdangan Quezon Mayor Rhadam Aguilar said that a stable internet connection is vital for the province to adjust to the new normal. He said that it supports their online processes in implementing relief measures for the constituents. The mayor further added,
We are grateful to PLDT Enterprise for helping us acquire a reliable connection to boost our efforts to cope with this new normal. This will help us seamlessly communicate and exchange data within our departments which are essential for the efficient delivery of services.

According to PLDT, they will lay out several lines of fixed connections through BEYOND FIBER to the offices within the Agdangan municipal hall. Aside from that, it has been actively working with various local government units across the country.

PLDT FVP and Enterprise Revenue Group Head Vic Tria explained the importance of supporting and empowering the provinces and municipalities in their digital transformation programs. He also said that PLDT will help them in building a "sustainable digitally-enabled environment".
BEYOND FIBER is an all-in-one digital solution from PLDT. It is designed with business-grade fiber designed to support the digital operations of offices, branches, micro and small enterprises, and work-from-home employees. It features a 90-90 advantage or a minimum of 90 percent of the subscribed speed at 90 percent reliability. 

The telco giant claims that a 50 Mbps BEYOND FIBER offer would give no less than 45 Mbps at 90 percent of the time. This means it can possibly offer uninterrupted online transactions to organizations while eliminating the fear of network congestion during peak hours.
To learn more about BEYOND FIBER, visit the PLDT Enterprise website.
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