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Manny Pacquiao mobile game starts open beta on August 20

"Fighting Pride - The Manny Pacquiao Saga" is a mobile game based on the legacy of the Boxing icon himself has started its open beta testing today.
Manny Pacquiao mobile game starts open beta on August 20
Open beta starts today!

Fighting Pride - The Manny Pacquiao Saga

The new mobile game is created and written by the late boxing analyst Mike Ochosa. In order to create the beat-em-up sports-adventure smartphone game, Ochosa teamed up with Francis Macatulad of OMG Inc. (Ochosa Macatulad Games Inc.) and independent game production studio Ranida Games.

At launch, Fighting Pride will include Story, Historical, and Online PVP modes, as well as more than 65 stages spread throughout three chapters.

In Story Mode, opponents reflect various social issues and personal hardships that Pacquiao experienced as a growing boxing star, while Historical Mode will highlight the Filipino boxing legend's noteworthy fights and world title matches.

Moving to the PVP mode will connect players with their online versions of Pacquiao. 

The Peoples' Champ amateur days and journey to professional superstardom are recounted in key stories. The fighting senator's backstory includes his emergence from poverty to become the world's only eight-division world boxing champion.

Ochosa, who first had the concept to produce a game instead of publishing a book or making a film in 2018, stated in November when announcing the approaching debut. 

From nothing to greatness, from the impossible to endless possibilities, Pacquiao’s life must be shared with all of us. His story is compelling as well as inspiring. What better way to impart that sentiment to the world than through a mobile game app?

What do you guys think? Who's excited about the new mobile game? Let us know in the comments.

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