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Meet realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker - Portable powerful sound

Alongside the TechLife Air Purifier, realme has also launched its newest Cobble Bluetooth Speaker.
Meet realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker - Portable powerful sound
Meet the realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker

It's a portable wireless speaker with IPX5 water resistance weighing 200 grams. It also boasts an 88ms Super Low Latency Game mode. Are you ready to dig in more about this new speaker?

Let's check it out!

Meet realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker

The accessories
The accessories

Of course, it arrives in the company's signature yellow box with the render of the speaker in front. Although, the render shows the Metal Black color when in fact, we got the Electric Blue one. 

Inside are the following: the speaker, lanyard (attached to the speaker by default), USB-A to USB-C cable, paper manual with user guide & warranty.

The speaker is made of a full grille top design with a rubber body and four tiny rubber stands at the bottom. realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker has a nice grip and does look and shaped like a cobblestone, thus the name. Attached to its left side is an adjustable luminous lanyard which we can use to clip on our backpacks, shower area, or anywhere convenient. 
The tiny rubber stands we're talking about
The tiny rubber stands we're talking about

It only has two controls of power and multi-function buttons placed on the upper side of the speaker.

Rugged-like build!

Alongside the buttons are two light indicators that illuminate whenever the buttons are in use.

There is no volume button, though.
The control buttons
The control buttons
USB-C port with cover on found on the right side of the speaker
USB-C port with cover on found on the right side of the speaker

On its right is the USB-C port with a cover on it. There's nothing on the lower side of the speaker. The branding and other details are printed on the bottom of the realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker.

Note that the grille speaker on top has a military design, in this case, the Electric Blue color.

Pairing the realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker with any Android or iOS device is easy. As soon as I turned on the speaker, it produces a quick "vroom-like" sound with another fancy sound and is ready to pair. I simply turned on the Bluetooth on my device, find the speaker on the list of devices to pair, and voila, they're paired.

In case this doesn't work, the user guide says you can hold the multi-function button for 3 seconds to enter the pairing mode. 
Nothing on the downside
Nothing on the downside

realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker multi-function button functions:

1. Press for 3 seconds - enter pairing mode
2. Press once - play/pause, answer/end a call
3. Press & hold for 1 second - decline an incoming call 
4. Double-press - next track
5. Triple-press - last track

realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker power button functions:

1. Press and hold (2 secs) - power on/off 
2. Press and hold (10 secs) - reset to factory settings
3. Double-press - gaming mode

In order to explore more features of the speaker, downloading and pairing the speaker with realme link app. To give you a glimpse of what to see on the app, take a look below:
realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker on realme Link app
realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker on realme Link app

The sound effects can be modified with three choices of bass boost+, dynamic, and bright. The two modes of game and stereo are also found in the app. The default function of the buttons can be modified in the app as well.

Modifiable speaker according to one's taste.

realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker sound effects:

The following description is attributed to our experience in the course of the review we did.

1. Bass Boost+ - this amps up the bass of the speaker. It somehow overpowers the overall sound. I personally don't recommend using this on pop songs. 
2. Dynamic - by default, the speaker's sound effect is set on this. This is probably "in-between" of having a taste of bass, mids, and highs all at the same time. 
3. Bright - at first, it's kind of leveling up the volume even more where we set it. But, personally, this is my favorite among the three. It gives me that satisfaction the previous two didn't. It gave clear mids and crisp highs although it leaves the bass off track. 
Luminous lanyard (Electric Blue colorway-exclusive)
Luminous lanyard (Electric Blue colorway-exclusive)

According to both the user guide and realme app, the Cobble Bluetooth Speaker can be paired to another one to set up a stereo pair. We were not able to do this though. 

Moving on to the sound quality, the realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker has a 5W Dynamic Driver. It offered us a solid sound on the first track we played on it and even on the second, third, and so on. It has a powerful bass without overpowering the mids. It also provided us decent highs and separation. Meanwhile, the soundstage is between narrow and wide—in other words, just fine.

Powerful sound!

We also like to note that somehow, the speaker's powerful sound is kind of muffled. This might not be an issue for some though. Surprisingly, it can fill up to a large-sized room with a little to unnoticeable distortion. 
Branding and other details
Branding and other details

Notably, I tried using the speaker on game mode while watching a Netflix movie. In comparison to the default mode, the gaming mode amps up the movie's sound effects. And future users might want to try this feature, too.

In terms of battery life, realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker packs a 1500mAh battery. On paper, the company claims it can last up to 9 hours. In real-life usage, after an hour of playback time, we still got 87 percent of battery. 
The box
The box

We wish the battery could last us a day though, although we believe it can extend over 9 hours depending on the volume and track you're playing it with.

Lastly, the realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker has IPX5 water resistance. So taking it inside the shower shouldn't be a problem. We don't suggest taking it outdoors now since we're on ECQ, but you definitely should in the future. (insert wink emoji)

realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker Specs

Drivers: 5W Dynamic
Bluetooth version: 5.0
Waterproof rating: IPX5
Battery: 1,500mAh
Output Power: 5W
Frequency range: 110Hz-18KHz 
Weight: 200 g
Price: PHP 1,590

Quick thoughts

Portable powerful sound
Portable powerful sound

The realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker is an affordable portable speaker offering powerful sound. 

It can fit most of Gen Z's taste in music but not the audiophiles. The speaker also provides a long battery life of up to 9 hours depending on the user's usage. 

Although there could be improvements realme can make in the future. One is to improve the muffled-like sound it produces that goes along with its powerful sound. Two is to put a volume button in case the user wants to modify the volume without the need of getting the phone or laptop (i.e: inside a shower). 

But, overall, realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker is a great device that one can consider when choosing a portable speaker.

What do you think guys?

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