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Huawei shares digital transformation efforts at its CONNECT 2021 event

Huawei CONNECT 2021 annual flagship event kicked off in China. The company discussed its effort for innovations for faster digital transformation.
Huawei discusses digital transformation efforts during CONNECT 2021 event
Huawei Connect 2021 now on the roll un the October 31

Huawei CONNECT 2021: More innovations for faster digitalization

Huawei Rotating Chairman Eric Xu
Huawei Rotating Chairman Eric Xu

This year's event has a theme called "Dive into Digital". It explores how digital technology can better integrate with business scenarios and industries to address critical business challenges.

It also tackles how stakeholders can work together more effectively to foster an open industry ecosystem and drive shared success. The event was scheduled to have 4 keynotes, 5 summits, and 66 sessions featuring more than 200 speakers that include industry visionaries, business leaders, tech experts, and ecosystem partners.

The event will also feature online exhibitions, remote visits to exhibition halls as well as open panel discussions. This aims to enable online interaction and one-stop experiences amidst the pandemic.

Huawei Rotating Chairman Eric Xu spoke about Huawei's mission to help industries go digital to achieve its goal to bring digital to everyone for a fully connected and intelligent world. Xu believes that continuous innovation in Cloud, AI, and network technology is critical.

Huawei stated that its CLOUD service has already brought together more than 2.3 million developers, 14,000 consulting, partners, and 6,000 technology partners. It also made more than 4,500 servicers available in the Huawei CLOUD marketplace.

Huawei also announced its new cloud-native service called UCS. UCS is a way for Huawei to provide enterprises with a consistent experience while using cloud-native applications that are not hampered by geographical, cross-cloud, or traffic limitations.

The company also discussed how its MindSpore AI framework has become the mainstream AI computing framework in China. In terms of innovations in the networking side, Huawei introduced solutions for global networks based on the concept of autonomous driving networks. The company has been working with customers in different sectors to deploy new applications and build networks that are autonomous.

Huawei also discussed the company's efforts to support low-carbon development as part of global efforts to achieve peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality. Huawei focused on three key initiatives for this:

1. Investing and innovating in energy-saving technologies to deliver more energy-efficient ICT products for a low-carbon ICT industry.

2. Investing in innovations where power electronics and digital technologies converge to promote clean energy and the digitalization of traditional energy.

3. Providing digital technology to help all sectors go digital and low-carbon.

The Huawei CONNECT 2021 online event will continue from September 23 to October 31. You can check it out at this link.

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