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Meet the SoundPEATS MAC TWS earbuds: A budget-friendly TWS with decent audio and long battery life

Today, we have the SoundPEATS MAC TWS earbuds. After an extended time with it, we want to share our thoughts about it. How did it fare? Read on.
Meet the Sounpeats MAC TWS earbuds
Meet the Sounpeats MAC TWS earbuds

As a recap, the SoundPEATS MAC is a pair of TWS earbuds priced at PHP 1,290. It has features like touch controls, mono/stereo mode, voice assistant compatibility, Bluetooth 5.0, "HiFi" sound quality, Binaural Microphone, and IPX7 waterproof certification.


Here's what you get inside the box
Here's what you get inside the box

The SoundPEATS MAC came in a black and white package. It has a top sleeve that features the photo of the earbud itself as well as a model wearing it. It is also laden with SoundPEATS branding, feature information, regulatory and certification information, and serial number.

Sliding out the main box, you get a clear plastic cover showing the charging case and earbuds. Under the foam holder, you get three silicone ear tips enclosed in a white bag, a setup guide, and a USB-C charging cord. Overall, the unboxing experience is as straight and simple as it gets.
The charging case is pretty large
The charging case is pretty large

We got the Black variant here. For the design and build, let's talk about the charging case first. The SoundPEATS MAC charging case is a big boi.

Decent build!

Comparing to other TWS earbuds charging cases, it is noticeably bigger than the norm. It is made out of polycarbonate material with a matte finish that we loved.
The USB-C port and LED light
The USB-C port and LED light

Instead of an elliptical shape, it has a circular shape that gives it a wider look. It has an LED light beside the USB-C port that was found at the back.

The hinge is reliable to stay open when you need it to while not being too tough to be left open in your bag. The magnet is secure yet easy to open when you want to. Inside, you will see Left and Right indicators via embossed lettering.
Inside the charging case
Inside the charging case

The earbuds feature a stemmed design. Both earbuds feature SoundPEATS branding with LED indicators for charging and connecting. They feature silicone tips with three variants included in the back. The finish is a mix of glossy and matte textures.
The SoundPEATS MAC has a stemmed design
The SoundPEATS MAC has a stemmed design

Overall, the SoundPEATS MAC features a great overall design, especially for budget-friendly TWS earbuds.
SoundPEATS MAC also has a matte finish
SoundPEATS MAC also has a matte finish

In terms of comfort and isolation, the SoundPEATS MAC provides what you expect for the price. The silicone tips and the earbuds themselves do not weigh down your ears even after prolonged usage. We used it for hours during our My Hero Academia binge-watching and it did not bother us at all.

There is no dedicated Active Noise Cancellation so some of the ambient noise around will seep through at around 50 percent volume. But, it is good enough to enjoy music and content even in high activity areas.
It looks good for the price
It looks good for the price

We did the head shake test and it didn't fall off our ears. This makes it a good companion during workouts. The IPX7 waterproof certification makes it sweatproof and waterproof as well. You can personalize the fit with the included extra silicone tips too.

Here is the list of touch controls:

Long Press for 2 seconds - Manual Power On
Long Press for 5 seconds - Manual Power Off
Double Tap - Play/Pause, Answer/End Call
Press Left earbud for 1.5 seconds - Play Previous, Reject Call, Switch Between Calls
Press Right earbud for 1.5 seconds - Play Next, Reject Call, Switch Between Calls
Tap Right earbud once - Volume Up
Tap Left earbud once - Volume Down
Tap Three times - Voice Assistance

These controls are a bit different from others that we have tried. Either way, once you get used to it, it's simple and easy to use. It has a learning curve though.

Decent audio quality for the price!

The SoundPEATS MAC has a decent sound quality. There is no information about the exact size of the drivers in each earbud. At 65 percent volume, I can drown out everyday noise in our houses like my dogs barking or vehicle noise. Clipping does present itself when you exceed 85 percent though. But, it is very rare when you need to reach that point though.

The balance needs work though. There's not much bass present which makes music less rich. It lacks the certain oomph you want for bass-heavy genres. It is very noticeable especially when you listen to hip-hop. The vocals are done well but the highs come out too harsh at times. Instruments can be drowned out at times too. The stereo sound is good enough, especially for immersive movie marathons. 

Overall, the SoundPEATS MAC sounds decent for the price but can be improved. The audio comes in clear in terms of calls while the binaural microphone it has picks up our voice loud and clear. The same holds true for local recordings.

In terms of battery life, it is marketed to last a total of 60 hours with a charging case. In real-life usage, it was able to last a total of 2.5 days on a single charge. This is with our usual daily usage during work, music, and Netflix/YouTube sessions at night. The earbuds can be charged via the charging case in 1.5 hours while the case can be charged in 2 hours.

The LED indicator uses blinks to tell you how much battery is left in the charging case. 1 blink means it is nearly drained, two blinks is around 50 percent, while three blinks mean it still has a lot of juice.

Connecting is very easy too. Connecting via Bluetooth 5.0, our POCO X3 NFC was able to detect it once we took it out of the charging case. It disconnects when you put it in the case and then it reconnects in an instant once you want to use it again. There's no dedicated app for this though so you are left with your device's sound settings and EQ as well.

Quick thoughts

Here's what we think about the SoundPEATS MAC
Here's what we think about the SoundPEATS MAC

For PHP 1,299, the Sounpeats MAC TWS earbuds are a bit of a mixed bag. Its design and feel exceed what you expect at the price point. The IPX7 is a welcome addition while Bluetooth 5.0 provides reliable connection all the time.

However, the sound quality leaves a lot to be desired. The lack of bass even with EQ adjustments is a bummer but it redeems itself in terms of vocals and stereo sound.

Checking around the web, it is currently on sale at Digital Walker for only PHP 999. This makes it a very good deal at that price point.

What do you guys think?

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