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You can now buy Steam Games via GCash, here's how:

Good news to Steam users out there, you can now buy games hassle-free as the online gaming platform adds GCash as their newest payment option.
GCash joins Steam payment methods

GCash just became the newest addition to the list of payment modes available on Steam. Throughout the years, GCash became a popular e-wallet app among many Filipinos.  And as it joins Steam's other payment methods like PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and eClub Points, buying games just became a whole lot easier.

Here's what you need to know on how to pay on Steam using GCash:

Step 1

Step 1: Pick a game you'd like to purchase and click "Add to Cart".
Step 2

Step 2: Choose whether you'd like to buy it for yourself or send it as a gift.  If you want to browse for more games, you can click "Continue Shopping".
Step 3

Step 3: For payment methods, simply choose "GCash" then click "Continue".
Step 4

Step 4: To proceed, check on the terms of Steam's Subscriber Agreement and click "Continue to Smart2Pay". 

According to Steam, transactions via GCash are authorized through the Smart2Pay website, a one-stop-shop payment solution providing smooth access to both local and global payment methods.
Step 5

Step 5: Then, you will be redirected to the GCash website where you will have to input your GCash number.
Step 6

Step 6: Input the 6-digit code you received via SMS then click "Next".
Step 7

Step 7: For the final step, you'd have to input your GCash MPIN. Once done, you'd receive a confirmatory email from Steam and a text from GCash confirming your purchase.

With the inclusion of GCash in Steam's payment methods, gamers will surely be pleased to have a more seamless way of purchasing their games.

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