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Audeze LCD-5 headphones now official, priced at USD 4,500 (around PHP 225.7K)

High-end headphone maker Audeze recently introduced the LCD-5, the company's newest flagship.
Audeze LCD-5 headphones now official, priced at USD 4,500 (around PHP 225.7K)
Audeze LCD-5

New flagship planar magnetic headphones!

It's the follow-up to the LCD-4 series boasting an improved structural design, sculpted earpad design, less weight, and a new planar driver and magnet structure.

In particular, the headphones use materials like magnesium, aluminum, and acetate making them 1/3 less weight than LCD-4 at just 420 grams. It also has handcrafted supple premium leather and carbon fiber.
Improved comfort with better SQ?
Improved comfort with better SQ?

Audeze is also boasting its new sculpted earpads that are sloped to reduce unwanted resonances and interior reflections. This new design is said to have less contact surface area to reduce fatigue while providing a superior seal and help users put the headphones in the optimal listening position.

The company also noted that it uses its own 
patent-pending Parallel Uniforce voice coils and a new magnet assembly for improved frequency response, more open/accurate soundstage, and minimal reflections. The planar magnetic driver is 90mm big with an impedance of 14 ohms and a sensitivity of 90dB.
New cables!
New cables!

Lastly, it comes with a specially tuned Ultra High Purity Cable with OCC high-purity copper strands that provide low capacitance and a low resistance path for the signal to travel from your amp to the drivers.

According to the company, they designed these headphones to set a new standard for accuracy.

Could this be the next audiophile-grade headphones to beat?

International price with direct to PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

Audeze LCD-5 - USD 4,500 (around PHP 225.7K)

The device is now available to order at the company's website.

There is no info yet if local sellers like Egghead and Listening Room will carry them. 

Via: Audeze

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