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Germany demands seven years of continuous software updates on Android and iOS devices

Germany is demanding smartphone manufacturers to provide up to 7 years of software updates. This demand covers both Android and Apple's iOS devices.
Germany wants 7 years of smartphone software updates
Germany wants 7 years of smartphone software updates

Germany: Android and iOS devices should get 7 years of software updates

We all know that software update has always been a touchy subject in the smartphone industry. This problem is more prevalent in Android devices since Apple has been great in terms of providing software updates over the years.

Software Updates are not just a way to introduce new looks, features, and improved quality-of-life experience. It also serves as a gauge for your smartphone's longevity and life span. Software updates include security patches that are very important for your safety. Commonly, new smartphones are almost guaranteed, emphasis on almost, 2 to 3 years of software updates. Beyond that, you may need to buy a new phone.

Germany is standing up to this growing industry trend. It is demanding that instead of the very limited 2 to 3 years of software updates, users must be entitled to at least 7 years of software updates. There's a catch here still, this only includes minor software updates which may most likely be security patches. Major updates? Those are still out of the question.

This is not just a call for consumer protection though. This is also an initiative to solve a major environmental concern regarding electronic waste. Why? With fewer software updates, more people will replace their phones which will turn into piles of e-waste.

A tech advocacy group called DigitalEurope also demands the EU to require at least three years of updates. However, this has already been the standard for smartphone giants like Google, Apple, Samsung, and OnePlus.

What do you guys think?

Source: 9to5Google
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