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Opensignal: Globe, PLDT record "highest uplift" in 5G games experience globally

The country's dominant players Globe Telecom and PLDT's wireless arm Smart have witnessed a significant improvement in global scores for their 5G games experience versus the 4G network, data from Opensignal showed.
Opensignal: Globe, PLDT record "highest uplift" in 5G games experience
Globe, Smart improve 5G experience

Globe, Smart post 5G improvement

Based on the latest data from the said analytics company, Globe and Smart Communications posted the highest scores for game experience globally—65.2 percent and 42.2 percent, respectively.

TrueMove H of Thailand came third in the ranking with 37.1 percent scores.

In terms of 5G improvement over 4G for video experience, Globe and Smart secured the second and third spots, respectively.

Globe had 32.8 percent, while Smart recorded a 23.4 percent score. Thai operator AIS posted the highest improvement with a 36.6 percent score.

Opensignal measures the real-world experience of consumers on mobile networks as they go about their daily lives. Our data comes from actual smartphone users and we report users’ actual network experience, whether they are indoors or out, bustling in a busy city or trekking in the countryside., the company said in its report.

Opensignal said its report was based on billions of individual measurements it has been collecting from millions of devices worldwide.

The local dominant telcos have been accelerating their 5G network buildup as more subscribers demand faster internet connectivity. Their new competitor, DITO Telecommunity is also ramping up its 5G deployment across the country.

Source: Opensignal

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