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LG 49-inch UltraWide Monitor now available in PH, priced at just PHP 73,259!

The 49-inch LG UltraWide Monitor is now in PH. It is a curved monitor with a lot of screen real estate for multitasking and creative work.
LG 49-inch UltraWide Monitor now available in PH, priced at just PHP 73,259!
LG aims to improve your workspace with the 49-inch UltraWide monitor

What makes the 49-inch LG UltraWide Monitor great for productivity?

It is priced at PHP 73,259
It is priced at PHP 73,259

The LG 49-inch UltraWide Monitor features a curved panel with a 5120 x 1440 QHD monitor with a 32:9 aspect ratio. This is equivalent to a 2X 27-inch 16:9 QHD pixel space which is 70 percent more pixels compared to 32:9 3840 x 1080 FHD resolution. It supports HDR10 and has Automatic Brightness Control.

This means it has a massive screen real estate that is very useful for multitasking and creative works such as video editing. The bigger screen can show you the entire timeline in your video editing software at a glance. In terms of other tasks, you can treat this monitor as two 27-inch displays with different apps on each side. In terms of an office setting, stacking two of these 49WL95C monitors vertically can provide an equivalent of 4 27-inch monitors.

It has a dual controller that helps in controlling multiple devices connected to one of these 49-inch UltraWide screens. It also has On-Screen Control software that can help adjust different display settings with your mouse. It also has USB-C for data transfers as well. The height, tilt and swivel adjustment stand helps you to customize the desk setup to create a more personal, comfortable workstation.

Price and availability

LG 49-inch UltraWIde 49WL95C monitor - PHP 73,259

You can get the LG 49-inch UltraWide monitor in different LG partner stores nationwide. You can also get it at the official LG Shopee store here.

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