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Pinoy content creators support the deaf community on TikTok

TikTok commemorates International Day of Sign Languages by honoring Filipino creators uplifting the local deaf community.
Pinoy content creators support the deaf community on TikTok
File photo: TikTok logo

It encourages users to make encouraging content for the deaf and hard-to-hear

As one of the popular video-sharing nowadays, TikTok has a diverse community of creators. According to the company, it fosters an inclusive environment to make it comfortable for self-expression, engagement, and creativity.

TikTok also said that content creator has a role in this goal. Through their content, several creators have been able to empower those people who belong in the deaf and hard community. Since the start of this year, #DeafTikTok got more than 245 million views and it's still going up

In celebration of  International Day of Sign Languages, TikTok would like to highlight inspiring creators from the Philippines. Their content helped in raising deaf awareness. There are some who posted snippets of their day-to-day lives. Meanwhile, others post sign language lessons and content.
Screenshot from Melle Bee's TikTok video
Screenshot from Melle Bee's TikTok video

Sign language interpreter Melle Bee educated sign language through her videos. She also answers requests from followers who ask her how to sign a particular word or sentence.

On the other hand, TikTok creator Michelle Episcope is a member of the deaf community herself. Her content is on how deaf and hard-of-hearing creators can have fun on TikTok. 

Lastly, Kiko Sison shares 'cousin bonding time' in sign language. Through these videos, Kiko is able to show others that, while his cousin may be deaf, he certainly is capable in many ways.

TikTok continues to invest in products and tools like its auto-captions feature, which was released earlier this year. This feature automatically generates subtitles, enabling viewers to read or listen to content, and helping users who are deaf or hard of hearing enjoy a better experience on the platform. 

Source: Inquirer

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