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Watch: Meet Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer - More than just an air fryer!

Probably due to the ongoing pandemic that started last year, many have become conscious of improving one's health.
The best air fryer in the Philippines?

One of the many ways to achieve a healthier lifestyle is by changing the way we prepare our food.
We believe this is one of the reasons why the air fryer craze started last year and continues this year. 

Breville, a reputable home appliances brand known for making ovens, coffee machines, kettles, and others, recently made the company's very-own Smart Oven Air Fryer available in the Philippines.

With a steep price of PHP 26,999, it sounds expensive. But, many are claiming that it is worth all those bucks.

Let's see!

Watch: Meet Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer - More than just an air fryer!

Quick thoughts

As a newlywed who is trying to stay away from fried and fatty foods to slowly have a healthier lifestyle, this air fryer and oven in one is a very nice and smart investment for me.

We enjoyed that it is very versatile, sleek-looking, and easy to clean.

AND of course, what makes it special are its technologies for precise, intelligent, and fast cooking.

While it would have been smarter if the Air Fryer can be connected to an app to be controlled or if it has support for voice controls like Alexa or Google Assistant, we still think that it is worth all the hype for the price.

How about you guys?

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