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Third telco player invites mobile phone users to move to DITO

The new challenger to Globe Telecom and PLDT is urging mobile phone users to switch to DITO Telecommunity with the implementation of the number portability.
Third telco player invites mobile phone users to move to DITO
Will you switch to DITO Telecommunity?

"Keep the number you love when you move to DITO"

In a statement, the company said subscribers can now smoothly shift to another telco provider while keeping their existing numbers.

Now covering almost 300 cities and municipalities nationwide and boasting over 3 million subscribers since its launch this year, DITO is offering a seamless and hassle-free porting experience to new subscribers.

Beginning Thursday, September 30, the country's major telco players through Telecommunications Connectivity Inc. (TCI) have started the implementation of the Mobile Number Portability Act, allowing Filipinos to make the switch for free.

Are you now encouraged to tap the service? DITO said transferring to another telco will take two days. TCI—the group that will facilitate the MNP—earlier said customers may expect four hours downtime before the porting service takes effect.

Subscribers can do the switching as many as they want. However, a 60-day period is needed before a mobile user could ask for another transfer.

DITO reiterated that subscribers must be free from financial liabilities and has no existing contract with the current telco provider.

Are you looking to move to DITO? The group said applicants can submit the requirements through any of DITO’s Experience Stores nationwide.

During a recent briefing, DITO said it would bank on mobile number portability to further grow its subscriber base. As of September 21, DITO has three million subscribers.

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