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HTC VIVE Flow launched, a VR headset that looks like sunglasses

HTC recently launched the VIVE Flow, a lightweight and compact VR made for wellness, mindful productivity, and light gaming.
HTC VIVE Flow launched, a VR that looks like sunglasses
Photo from company's website

The VIVE Flow with a modern approach design!

The company seems to have found a way to make it look less awkward when wearing a virtual reality device. Compared to other VR headsets this one is designed that looks as if you're just wearing huge sunglasses. It also certainly look smaller or has more of a chic-friendly appearance.

HTC puts a lot of effort into reducing the distance between the display and your eyes because it employs a pair of diopter lenses upfront. Short-sighted people won't need to wear their glasses when using them because the lenses can be adjusted to their comfort level.

It uses a 2x 2.1-inch LCD with 1600 x 1600 resolution per eye, up to 100 degrees field of view, and 75Hz refresh rates. 

Inside it has 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage. While it didn't have a battery per se, they put a tiny cell designed to ensure that the device will shut down safely in case accidentally removed from the USB-C cabled power source.

They also put two cameras facing forward with Video Pass-through support for environmental awareness, this means you can still see what's going on outside when using the device.
The cooling system of the device
The cooling system of the device

The company also put an active cooling system so the thermals can be in check, and give better comfort for its users.

HTC also spent a lot of time talking about how the Flow's glasses-like frame will fit comfortably on anyone's head thanks to the dual-hinge technology. There's also a pair of speakers built into the arms with spatial audio support and dual microphones for echo and noise cancellation.
Bluetooth connection support
Bluetooth connection support

This one is also built with Bluetooth connection and WiFi for Miracast so you can pair your smartphone which then can act as a pointer/controller for the device. Based on the website, it also has Bluetooth support for your headphones.

As written above, The device's content focuses on "wellbeing, brain training, productivity," and "light gaming," according to the Taiwanese company, with apps like Color Connect VR, Space Slurpies, and Tripp, a virtual reality meditation app.

For a monthly cost of USD 5.99, the headset will have access to a special version of Viveport Infinity, which will offer a large library of Flow-compatible material. If customers meditate with it at the end of the day, a blue light filter will kick in to help them have a more restful night's sleep.

Euro price with direct to PHP conversion (no tax and duties yet):

HTC VIVE Flow VR - EUR 569 (around PHP 33.4K) 

It is now available for pre-order on the website. Upon pre-ordering, it will be bundled with a cylinder-shaped case and seven pieces of additional VR content. 

Source: HTC, Via: Engadget

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