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Wanna see something funny? Netflix Fast Laughs rolling out in the Philippines!

Netflix finally brought the "Fast Laughs" feature in the Philippines, both on iOS and Android mobile devices.
Wanna see something funny? Netflix Fast Laughs rolling out in the Philippines!
The Fast Laughs feature on Netflix

Various clips from comedy shows and movies in a TikTok-style fashion

The streaming giant has begun introducing Fast Laughs in March this year for selected countries. Netflix started testing it Android, gradually bringing it to iOS users as well. This time, the feature is now available for users here in the Philippines.

Fast Laughs is a new TikTok-like feed of funny videos inside Netflix's mobile app. Users can access the feed through their bottom navigation menu by clicking on the Fast Laughs icon that resembles a laughing smiley face.

Upon tapping, there will be a prompt on the screen noting that there are scenes that may not suit everyone. After that, there will be clips that start playing, when one ends another begins. It's like a TikTok feed of funny short clips.

Basically, Fast Laughs allows users to watch, react, or share short clips. Users can also add the show or movie to their My List to bookmark it for future movie marathons. They also tap the "Play" button to start watching the program immediately.

The clip
The clip

Fast Laughs offers a full-screen feed of funny clips from Netflix's big comedy catalog including its latest films, series, sitcoms, and stand-up from comedians. For example, our feed showcases popular shows like Suits, Sex Education, Rick and Morty, Comedians of the World, and many more.

Have you already tried this feature on your phone? What do you think?

Source: Netflix

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