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Sharp launches the affordable AQUOS The Scenes 8K Smart TVs in PH, starts at PHP 159,998!

Aiming to bring the 8K experience to more Filipino homes, Sharp today launched the AQUOS The Scenes 8K Smart TV line in the Philippines.
Sharp launches the affordable AQUOS The Scenes 8K Smart TVs in PH, starts at PHP 159,998!
AQUOS The Scenes 8K now in PH!

The most affordable 8K TV line in the country!

Sharp's AQUOS The Scenes 8K Smart TVs (DW1X series) use the Japan-made 8K UV2A panel with lower reflection and newly develop backlight. The company claims that it can achieve a color gamut that exceeds 100 percent and 167 percent brighter display versus unspecified conventional models.

For the Philippine market, the 8K TVs are available in 60 or 70-inch screen sizes.
Deep Chroma Display Pro
Deep Chroma Display Pro

The new 8K TVs also feature the company's proprietary Deep Chroma Display Pro technology designed to produce picture quality that "gives you the feeling of being there" as well as the AI-assisted HDR Enhanced+ technology that optimizes middle tones where people can easily perceive contrasts and can optimize light by detecting darker and brighter areas and driving its backlight by areas.

It also has a Streaming Video Optimizer, 8K AI Upconvert that can upscale content to 8K with reduced noise.

To those who missed it, 8K is the highest resolution on TVs today which is 16 times the resolution of regular 1080p panels.
A new processor
A new processor

To run 8K, Sharp equipped the TVs with the new Z2 Revelation Processor. It's an 8K processor equipped with a newly developed engine to produce high image quality and performance as well as precise image processing and comfortable viewing for broadcast and streaming video online.

Versus the previous generation, it has a 20 percent faster CPU performance and 56 percent faster graphics.
Sound Bar HomeTheater System: 8A-C22CX1
Sound Bar HomeTheater System: 8A-C22CX1

For audio, if you have the Sound Bar HomeTheater System: 8A-C22CX1 400W, the users will be able to enjoy Sharp's OPSODIS binaural reproduction technology that can create a natural stereophonic sound that reaches each of the left and right ears directly at 360 degrees.

Sharp's 8K TVs uses the Android TV platform with Google Assistant.

At the moment, 8K content on popular streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime, is non-existent. But, it is expected that there will be an influx of upcoming films and content shot on 8K in the coming years.

To view content in 8K at the moment, you can use YouTube and search for 8K videos. If you own a camera or smartphone with 8K shooting capability, you can enjoy it on a bigger screen using the Sharp 8K TV.

Price and availability

Sharp Sound Bar 8A-C22CX1 - PHP 50K
Sharp AQUOS The Scenes 8K Smart TV 60-inch - PHP 159,998
Sharp AQUOS The Scenes 8K Smart TV 70-inch - PHP 199,998

To recap, SHARP is also the first in the country to launch an 8K TV with a starting price of PHP 379,999 for the 60-inch variant and PHP 575,988. BUT, the new  AQUOS The Scenes 8K Smart TVs with newer features will only start at just PHP 149,998.

The TVs will even come with a FREE soundbar worth PHP 50K, bracket, and installation.

The new 8K TVs are available in Ansons, Abenson, Western, and Robinsons Appliances.

What do you guys think?

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