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Reporting an issue? Instagram will now let you rage shake your phone!

Instagram just rolled out a new 'Rage Shake' feature and the option to delete posts from a carousel.
Reporting an issue? Instagram will now let you rage shake your phone!
Instagram Rage Shake

To improve user experience and bug fix response

Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri announced that the platform has launched two new features for improving user experience. Mosseri demonstrated how these features work in a short yet informative video.

The first one is called rage shake and it basically allows users to report a problem quickly.  If they are using the app and it isn’t working as it should, they may shake the phone while the app is open. 

After that, a pop-up screen will ask, "Did something go wrong?" with black space for them to report the issue. According to Mosseri, this feature will give Instagram feedback that will help in prioritizing bug fixes. He added,

You can explain exactly what happened, how you ended up in that place, and all of the emotions and feels that you’ve got going on, and we’ll have someone take a look at it.

The next feature that was introduced is called "finally" and this is simply the ability to delete a single image from the photo carousel. The Head of Instagram said that a lot of users have been requesting this before.
Deleting a photo from a post
Deleting a photo from a post

Users can now remove a single photo or video from a multi-feed Instagram post. All they have to do is go to the three dots menu at the top right. After that, they must select edit then swipe to the photo they want to get rid of. They will notice a delete icon in the top left that enables them to remove it from the carousel.

Allegedly, the carousel feature is available in iOS only for now. However, all Instagram users in the United States can rage shake right away, regardless of platform.

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