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Instagram may soon ask users to verify their identities through video selfies

Matt Navarra revealed that Instagram is asking some users to provide a video selfie showing multiple angles of their faces for identity verification.
Instagram may soon ask users to verify their identities through video selfies!
Instagram's feature is currently being tested on some users (Photo from Matt Navarra's Twitter)

An attempt to limit fake profiles and spam accounts?

The social media consultant posted a couple of screenshots on his Twitter account as proof that the platform is doing it. Navarra claimed that Meta promises that video selfies you upload will never be visible on Instagram and deleted in 30 days. 

Aside from that, the platform reportedly won't collect biometric data nor use face recognition technology. Basically, Instagram will ask new users to shoot a short selfie video clip which will then be used by the company’s AI algorithms to confirm that you’re a real person.

The social network had encountered problems with bot accounts leaving spam messages and harassing people. These accounts are also allegedly being used to artificially inflate numbers of likes or followers. 

There's a possibility that Meta (Instagram's parent company) is anticipating that this feature will lessen the prevalence of bots. According to a source, the company has begun testing the feature last year but they had technical problems.

Several users reported they were being asked to take a video selfie for verifying their existing accounts. A writer uploaded a screenshot of the help screen for the step in capturing the video selfie. She said that it's looking at "all angles of your face" to prove you are a real person.

Meta is not yet commenting regarding respond regarding the feature or its rollout. Meanwhile, Instagram is testing a new feature called 'Take a Break' to encourage people to take regular breaks from using the app. 

Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri the long-awaited "Take a Break" feature will remind users when they have spent a long time on the platform.

Do you think this will be effective? 

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