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Lista PH records PHP 75 million worth of debts paid in four months

Lista PH records that Filipinos paid PHP 75 million worth of debts in four months. This is impressive given the social and economic climate of 2021.
Lista PH records PHP 75 million worth of debts paid in four months
Lista PH helps MSMEs track their earnings, expenses, and debts

Lista PH helps Filipinos track their finances for FREE

Download Lista PH via the QR code here
Download Lista PH via the QR code here

Lista PH is a FREE to use app that provides access to digital tools to manage their finances such as tracking debts, recording transactions, and issuing invoices. Aimed for Philippine MSMEs, it will help them grow and be financially smart.

The pandemic forced a lot of businesses to go digital. This is a great way to keep businesses afloat amidst the economic hit that COVID-19 brought. However, MSMEs were among the most affected during the prolonged lockdowns and quarantines. 74 percent of these MSMEs halted operations due to the lockdowns according to the DTI.

Lista PH also conducted a survey among 300 microentrepreneurs on the topic of how they do their record-keeping. Results showed that 26 percent are not able to track all their income and expenses. 64% stated that they use traditional and most often manual methods to monitor income, expenses, and customer debts. These include rudimentary methods such as writing on notebooks, while only 3 percent use digital tools such as Microsoft Excel.

This is where Lista PH comes in. Its digital tools allow these MSMEs to see what they spend, what they earn, and what they need to pay for. With that, Lista PH recorded PHP 75 million debts paid in just 4 months of 2021.

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